A few random things about me ...

I'm a Port Vale supporter and absolutely love match days.  I also follow Aberdeen FC and have a soft spot for a couple of the other clubs that I've worked closely with.

I'm a big Phillies and Flyers fan.

I've been a steward for 2 football clubs and didn't enjoy it very much ... and once got a black eye at one of the matches.

I've been fortunate to work with the Boston Red Sox, Minor League Baseball, West Bromwich Albion FC, Sunderland AFC, Aberdeen FC, Port Vale FC, Grimsby Town, Aston Villa, Derby County, Nottingham Forest, Brentford and others, and I always get excited when I see the work in print.

I'm proud to have artwork in the permanent collections of The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, The National Pastime Museum, The World Rugby Museum and exhibited at The National Football Museum.

I'm a workaholic and don't like leaving the house much.

I listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts while I work.

I hate scanning artwork and doing the schmoozing part of the business.

I also don't like painting letters ... good thing there are no words in my paintings.

I've been in two minor earthquakes.

Paine Proffitt is my real name.

I've been in attendance at the 2 lowest-attended Port Vale home matches in Vale history ... rock and roll!

I've only been star-struck once ... on meeting West Brom legend Tony Brown I froze and just stared at him like a psycho. He's an absolutely lovely man though and I eventually managed to return to reality.

I'm truly grateful for the interest in my work but sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and nervous about the attention.

I hardly ever answer the phone, probably much to other people's annoyance.

I've been an extra in 2 films ... in one I was a werewolf. Yes, it was a bad film.

I've lived in 5 countries but consider England "home".

If I wasn't an artist I always wanted to work on a fishing boat ... but I get seasick in the bath and I don't like fish.

I'm highly introverted and feel awkward in social situations.

I'm very romantic and nostalgic about sports and am a total sucker for the stories, memories and history of the game.

CRW Nevinson, Chagall, Picasso, Basquiat, artist/illustrator/animator Richard Swarbrick and the cartoonist Seth are my favourite artists but I'm influenced by 100s of other artists, writers, musicians and personalities.

I play Tetris just about every day (remember that one?).

I still get excited at the sight of a football ground or ballpark and think there's something magical about a glimpse of the stands and floodlights.